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The products of Symbio Therapy are based on an advanced technical platform for tangible interaction (physical human-computer interaction) developed by Philips Research. It applies fundamental knowledge about game theory, how tangible interaction works in the brain and how the creation of content can be made easy. 



The workings and application of the technology of Symbio Therapy are the subject of wide ranging scientific research. Some publications on this subject can be found in the right column.

Leiden University investigates how TagTiles can be used for dynamic testing; here you can find more information.

The concept of TagTiles has been presented to and tested with patients and a wide range of healthcare professionals in The Netherlands and Belgium. Generating a lot of positive response.

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Selection of publications. Link to a more complete list »


TagTrainer: supporting exercise variability and tailoring in technology supported upper limb training

D.Tetteroo, A.Timmermans, H.Seelen, P.Markopoulos

Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2014

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Rehabilitation therapists as software creators? Introducing end-user development in a healthcare setting

D.Tetteroo, H.Seelen, A.Timmermans, P.Markopoulos
Int. Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowl. Dev., 2014 
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Design of tangible games for children undergoing occupational and physical therapy

Robby van Delden, Pauline Aarts, Betsy van Dijk,
In Proceedings of Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2012 
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Technology Supported Training of Arm Hand Skills 

in Stroke 

Annick Timmermans
PhD Thesis, Technical University Eindhoven, 2010 
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Assessment and development of cognitive skills using tangible electronic board games 

(Serious games on the TUI TagTiles)

Janneke Verhaegh
PhD Thesis, Technical University Eindhoven, 2012
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ESPranto SDK: an adaptive programming environment for tangible applications

Robert van Herk, Janneke Verhaegh, Willem Fontijn
In Proceedings of CHI 2009.
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A tangible tabletop game supporting therapy of children with cerebral palsy

Ying Li, Willem Fontijn, Panos Markopoulos
In Proceedings of Fun and Games 2008. 
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