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About Symbio Therapy

Symbio Therapy is a Dutch company (BV) located in Eindhoven. Symbio Therapy started in 2014 as a joint venture between Adelante and the TU/e. It is based on the results of the IOP project "Wiki Therapist" and scientific research at Adelante, TU/e, Philips Research, Serious Toys and others.


In close collaboration with therapists, Symbio Therapy creates exercises and games with a physical component, which gives them a distinct and unique added value for therapeutic applications. First examples are exercises for sensory-motor upper limb task training for stroke rehabilitation and therapy games with specific occupational therapy exercises for children with cerebral palsy. The therapeutic aims are central but the intrinsic motivation of the patient is explicitly taken into account. 

Our collaboration with the therapists is paramount. Exercises are developed with and by therapists and shared via the social networking part of the site.


Technical platform
Based on fundamental research at Philips Research and a large number of universities, Serious Toys developed TagTiles, a patented games console for physical computer interaction. In addition, a special software development kit (SDK) was developed. This SDK is specifically suited for multi-event interaction (such as multi-touch interaction) and makes it possible to quickly and efficiently produce new content. The applications developed with the SDK automatically run on multiple hardware platforms (iPhone, Android, PC). 

To enable therapists to create exercises quickly and efficiently, the TagTrainer suite was build on top of the SDK.


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